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What is AionWell®?
AionWell® L.T.d, a privately held Australian biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of recombinant stabilization and expansion of cellular space regrowth. Aionwell's mission is to offer unbounded time for all, the companies' core values of time extension and experiential memory solutions stem from an awareness of the human desire to always be. Their goal is to create a better future, today. Aion “changes the burden of old age like a snake who sloughs off the coils of the useless old scales, rejuvinating while washing in the swells of the laws [of time]”
What do We Do?
Acute Time Metagrobolization in Cells (ATMiC) is an common yet almost inexplicable condition that millions of people around the globe suffer from within the brain's Superchiasmatic nucleus. Our focus is on the treatment of ATMiC to facilitate the reentering of patients back into a society where they can experience time in a way they never could have possibly imagined yet have always dreamed.
How do we do it?
The Rushium Three Phase Process will allow patients to begin by fully comprehending their condition and deciphering what type of "time" they want to experience. We then proceed with the regular dosage of Rushium, giving our patients a new lease on life and a refreshed internal clock. Many people experience "rush" where memories become a blur and time elongates into a single moment. Rushium treats the Acute Time Metagrobolization in Cells at the source by helping the brain process moments of time better to give them a more complete index of memories

Rushium® V.1 As Prepared for Clinical Trials

Is Time Too Fast?


What can Rushium® Do For me?

Rushium® works on chiral receptors in the brain by suspending the neocortical areas from the hippocampus through reverse metagrobolization. Think of it like every time you take a photograph, you also have a photograph of you taking a photograph which can be accessed in a three dimensional mind’s eye. Our scientists found that applying transverse waves in a feedback loop within the optic nerve causes spatial dispersion of a nonzero frequency. The effect is potentially groundbreaking, finally giving relief for Acute Time Metagrobolization in Cells (ATMiC). “Imagine time as a pile of laundry, on Rushium® I finally feel like I am able to separate and fold each item,” said one subject who was part of one of our early controlled studies. There is no doubt that Rushium® is very exciting. Rushium is taken orally with effects beginning within 15 to 30 seconds.

See A Simulation of Rushium®'s Effects in the Following Video :